Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poem 119 - Luck Indeed!

I was walking, near the book fair
I bought a book pair
Guess what? I was coming out
When I myself gave a shout

It was my Maths teacher, in the book fair
She almost gave me a very good scare
I called my mom, they had a chat
I thought somehow, I could smell a rat

But guess my luck? I got my maths marks
And it was really good, so flew the sparks
I had got eighty on eighty in Mathematics
And I am telling you, I thought my ears were playing tricks
-Gaurang Rao

I am happy to tell you all that this is completely true, and that I met my Maths teacher in the book fair. She called my mother and told her the marks and indeed I did get full.


  1. congratulations :) and a very well written poem.

  2. Congratulations Gaurang! Keep up the good work both in studies and poems.

  3. Was it luck?? Sure you worked hard to get that 80/80!! Keep up the good work Gaurang!! :)

  4. A fun poem, and a lovely touch of serendipity in your life!

    imagination Lane

  5. Good for you, nice to tie your luck in with some poetry.

  6. It's a pleasure to read joyful poetry by a boy who is also excited about his grade. Congratulations

    The music playing from the mixpod is lovely. It's called "Time To Say Goodbye".

  7. Clever. Nice to meet someone who visits book fairs.

  8. hahahhha.. you always smell something fishy when you see your teacher talking to mom, don't you!??! :)

    Congrats on the full marks, Gaurang!! I love Math!!! :))


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