Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Poem 123 - A Sword Fight

Me and Jack were having a dual fight with swords
We were standing inside a platform, fenced with boards
The fight began, swords clashed, we held tight
Suddenly both fell back, but we continued the fight

His sword was pointed, towards my throat
But I managed to kick it, but it ripped my coat
Jack's muscles bulged, his tattoo was now seen
And I can tell you, the way he made his face it looked very mean

In a minute our Identical swords were again fighting
I had to quickly block because he gave a sudden swing
Outside the fence, I heard my dog give a volley of barks
But that could not stop us, again there were many flying sparks

Finally exhausted, we decided there was no winner
But I am sure both of us kept thinking that the other guy was the loser
I picked my dog, and went with my half torn coat
Though the fight was over, through my mind the incident did float.
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Well done Gaurang.. you are is a delight to see you talent blooming.. and indeed it was very heartening to see you featured at Jingle's Poetry ..I think SiS did a great write there.. you deserve all the accolades.. May God Bless You..



  2. a great delight to read your poetry it's so very interesting and well though out.You are very talented

  3. ...ithink this one is thoroughly penned... really exquisite!!! keep the words flowin'..^^

    Take care!!!^^

  4. I'm impressed that you are embracing word crafting with this intensity. Do you write music as well? Some of your poetry feels like lyrics. Excellent!


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