Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poem 121 - A Fairy Tale

Mom started telling the beautiful tale
"Once a train was running on its rails
When on the track stood a monster, holding the train
It killed some people, gave other's pain

That time appeared a beautiful fairy
She was fighting the monster, in the story
The monster fell, the people were safe now
The fairy, everybody did love

But that was not the end, just the beginning
Because the monster didn't die, evil thing
He was back one day, only for the fairy time
He decided to kill her and do many a crime

Sarcastically he said "Oh! My poor dear
I am sure of me you have no fear"
The fairy grinned, the monster was taken aback
But he got up and gave the fairy a whack

The fairy flew, high up in the air
Moving her wings, her excitement with us she did share
She moved her wand and the monster was dead
In one corner was his body, one corner his head."

That is how the story did end
Oh! In the middle there was such a bend
Oh! How thrilling the tale was, right?
And I bet you could see the monster and fairy fight
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Keep writing Guarang.. its will keep on unfloding with numerous monsters and many a fairy crossing paths .. and your writing will show your own evolvement with time.. you are doing very very well.. keep it up..

  2. My daughter is 12 and learning about such struggles--how sometimes they do not end and we can only rest from them to keep our hearts.

  3. I like the metaphor here! Good lesson!

  4. Very well written and very interesting.

  5. Clever and well written Gaurang. I like the line, "In one corner was his body, one corner his head." :)

  6. it seems like you are talented in fairy story telling.

    lovely job.

  7. Love when one's monsters and demons are silenced and slain!

  8. Are you sure your a seventh grader? Well done kiddo!not just a poem a story to and I see you got your OSI sarcastic in there as well! I have not seen writing from someone your age like this in a very long time! Congrats on a tale well told!!

  9. Gaurang, I loved this. You have a vivid imagination, and I'm happy the fairy prevailed. Keep on writing - you are starting early, which is wonderful! Saw you at Carry On Tuesday.

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  10. Wow, wonderful imagination. Keep writing

  11. Please send a poem for the OSI prompt "epidemic" to my be Friday, April 1!


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