Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poem 131 - Facing the waves

A girl woke up, saw she was on a boat, on sea
Around her strong waves she could see
She sat shocked, where was her mother?
Oh! Now it was high tide - oh bother!

On the raft, she saw two oars, used them to move the boat
She felt cold, but all she had was her mother's old coat
She wondered how she had reached here, on water
Was the mother ever going to find her daughter?

She kept rowing, though hands itching with pain
There was nothing she could do, she cried in vain
She sat down, then got up to face the many a strong wave
She suddenly picked up courage, she became more brave

She moved the boat, just in one direction
But the way it looked, she wasn't having fun
She rowed on, not stopping for a break
She just rowed and rowed, though her hands did ache

She saw some land in the distance, she started rowing to there
But what happened to her was worse than the worst nightmare
Her boat hit a rock, she fell in the sea, she drowned
Suddenly it was just silence - No sound

Was it her mother who kept her in the boat, who didn't want her kid?
Even if it was her, what a bad thing she did
Parents maybe were poor, so left the child
Was it love, or was it hatred?
-Gaurang Rao


  1. very nicely written, Guarang!

  2. this is awesome... i like every single beautifully weaved...^^

    Take care.


  3. Interesting piece. How often we feel as if we are adrift on a boat in endless waters. You drew well from those feelings.

  4. great work , a bit far from TT though but still very gr8 :) keep it up

  5. BTW i cant believe you're only in 7th grade , god bless your soul you are gifted

  6. I really enjoyed this Gaurang, particularly the line where she loses courage and then tells herself to be brave :)

  7. This is a strong poem with a lot of thought and questions....may she be strong and many children are left floating without the love they need....thank you for sharing...bkm

  8. very logical question at end. my heart goes out to these little girls that suffer without any rhyme or reason..


  9. a...... but..... a...... pu..... tu......
    im speechless


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