Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poem 130 - An Ancient Town

An ancient town, it was peaceful and green
A city that was bright, a city that was clean
It was one earliest civilizations , - the city
But when it got destroyed it was a pity

People used to live happily, enjoying life's every moment
That time, as communication, only letters were sent
Pigeons and Owls used to be messengers
That time carts could carry only rich passengers

Rich lived in houses made of cement and bricks
Poor lived in thatched houses made of mud and sticks
But in the city, cleanliness was always maintained
No thefts were there, so people prospered and money they gained

But scientists, till now don't know how the city died
Was it an epidemic, earthquaked or a landslide?
Till now it is a mystery, - the death of the city
Was it just a sudden, strange calamity?
-Gaurang Rao


  1. How often have we wondered this?? Well said.

  2. Gaurang, once again, beautifully written.

  3. A wonderful way to pose questions about origins and demise of these places.

  4. Love your poems...have given you a blog award which you can pick up at

  5. All civilizations are just an epidemic away from destruction. Very chilling.

  6. An archeologist would probably give you chapter and verse of what happened, from one tiny piece of stone, and then tell you what the town mayor's second cousin had for breakfast - but we don't REALLY know do we. Fascinating puzzles.

  7. A beautiful poem.. Guarang.. thanks for your prompt too.. I have put two posts.. see the second one too..

  8. ...this is one exquisite poem from you Gaurang... and makes me wonder what kind of ancient civilization it was??? hmmmnnn...(T__T)

    Take care



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