Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poem 135 - As I Entered The Kitchen

An aroma goes through my nostrils, as I open the kitchen door
Spicy and sweet items being cooked, at least cooking is not at all a bore
My mother in her apron cooking, I did, that was when I first did cook
My mother tells me what to do, as I take another apron off the hook

A beautiful new dish is invented, it looks like a beautiful design
If I owned a restaurant, I am very sure I would never resign
I felt like I was dreaming a dream, was my cooking really true?
If I own a restaurant I will invent a dish, that is tasty and new
-Gaurang Rao


  1. This one is quite nice for I smell the great cuisine that is being freshly prepared of spices and aromas of the cooking being done and lovely food created by love.

    Nice job.

  2. This is very nice, live the culinary dream!

  3. Nice connections, nice dreams... all possible if only we aim with the design in mind.

  4. I love this the comfort of soulful cooking that awakens all the senses! I love this culinary dream~

  5. Nice, well written verse. Though the first time i cooked something (i made tea), it turned out to be disaster. Good that the experience was good for you.

  6. Gaurang, Ilove your spirit. This is a nice poem and if you continue writing you will be the best gift to the world. :)

  7. Nice take on the prompt! :-)


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