Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poem 231 - Sunset's Xerox

Image from here

Picture of sunset
Firmly copied in my head
Just like a xerox

Sunlight's reflection
In the shimmering water
Best time of the day

Yellow-Orange Skies
A deep glow in the water
A beautiful sight

I wish that picture
Could be xeroxed from my mind
Preserved on paper
~Gaurang Rao

Written for - - 'Xerox'


  1. Yay!! You did it!! If all our thoughts were xeroxed the photocopier could be a hue of pink!! ;) The first and last excellent!!

  2. Nanka kept her promise Gaurang and you are first... nice haiku...and that's what good artists do...first they create in mind and then on paper..go ahead Gaurang.. pick paintbrush and create magic..

    Best wishes..!!!


  3. Very beautiful and aesthetic.
    Loved the last one. :)

  4. This nice series flows well from one to the next.

  5. We all like to keep memories. Beautiful


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