Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poem 216 - The Ghost lady?

Lazing on the hills, a lonely, old shepherd
Looks in the sky sees a flying bird
Watches where it goes - right down a hill
On that hill, he sees a woman sitting very still
He wonders who it is, usually  no one goes to the hillside 
To the hill, where she's sitting he does stride
But as he reaches the hill, no one is there
And for a moment he does get a scare
Then he sees the woman, standing under a tree
He walks near it, but again no one he can see
So in a confused state he did leave
He told the people in the town, of the woman, but that they didn't believe
But for the shepherd the mystery of the woman was always weird
For he was sure she had been there, but then she had disappeared
~Gaurang Rao  


  1. oh, this is tip of a story...interesting...a seed for imagination...

  2. interesting...for me its the person just at the edge of my line of vision..a protective soul watching out for me...xx

  3. Interesting narrative song Gaurang!!

  4. Ooooh I love spooky stories! Any real life experiences fueling you or pure imagination?

  5. Excellent spooky! THanks for posting this.


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