Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poem 215 - The Lizard-o-phobia

To face your fears is something bold
'Don't get scared' often many might have told
And so with my sister is a similar case
Who when sees a lizard will run at a great pace

Her shout makes me jump out of my skin
And its strange to hear a loud voice from someone, so thin
You might call it a phobia of lizards
But that shout of her's sends people flying like birds

And so here is how it happens-

First the scream that she can't control, then the story of seeing it told in stammers
And the scream and the story, together what a racket it hammers
Nowadays whether everything is alright at my home, neighbors have doubts
For they wake up in the middle of the night, due to the shouts
~Gaurang Rao

and of course - 'My awesome sister' :)


  1. Well we all have our phobias. The middle of the night is not a good time to hear a scream though.

  2. Lizards are cute. It's insects I can't abide!

  3. too good Gaurang .. yes we have to hear to her screams so often ... she will come over her fear soon after reading your poem - i just loved this poem :)

  4. Hahahaha!! That was so enjoyable Gaurang and I could picture well all that you have said here!! :D I even heard a screech!! :D

  5. 'Your Awesome Sister' :)April 14, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    Oh Come on! I don't scream THAT badly! :P

    But, it ain't MY fault that all those slimy backed creatures come and jump right in front of me, is it? :)

    1. lol...but its your fault you scream so loudly!

  6. Tell her that lizards are our friends! ;) Nice take on the wordle! :) Eric

  7. They scare me too... and I'm not even a girl...!

  8. Well composed Gaurang - and I like your new ending. And now on to the next favourite topic : spiders ..... :)

  9. hELLO gAURANG, nice one. This reminds me of one incident that happened to me a couple of months back. Being an electronic technician, when i open up televisions and music systems one often finds interesting items inside. coins, lockets, hairpins, spiders, lizards, tiny rats, cochroaches, etc but most often you would find nice white round lizard eggs. And most of the time they are light in weight and empty and crumble easily as you try to pick it up. And one could make out that they are old ones because dust would have covered them up too. But this time even though the T V was full of cobwebs and black heavy dust they stood out !. They were twins, two nice clean white fresh ones. As is my habit i picked one empty match box from the shelf and carefully moved these eggs into it. Now these eggs usually stick on to surface. So to get them moving for the first time one would have to apply a slight force. I did this on one of the eggs so as not to damage both and as i was doing this one of them cracked but got them moving !. The other was intact. i felt that they were heavy. I guided them into the empty matchbox and forgot all about them. a couple of weeks later when i was repairing our staircase tube-light a couple of empty egg shells crashed onto Medha's legs and she shrieked. I dropped the frame and ran to the shop..towards the matchbox with the lizard eggs. I slowly slid it open and saw that the egg was cracked open and there was nothing inside. HEY !! how can that be. at least i fearfully and guiltily expected to see the dead shrivelled up body of a tiny lizard. so i slid the matchbox cover further to investigate and there !! it was !!. WOW !! beautiful !!. IT WAS LIKE I HAD GIVEN BIRTH, MOMENT !!. I MEAN IT, REALLY. I WAS THA...AAT HAPPY. and out it jumped onto my hand and this time i did not shriek !!.


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