Saturday, April 13, 2013

Poem 214 - The Sea Of The Fake

A simple misunderstanding, can cause so many errors
Mostly caused from unwanted rumors
School -  a place where there is fun, but alas, rumors spread from fake friends
Seem to be on your side, and then all friendship ends
So many friends lost in the sea of the fake
It's something you will remember, something that you can't take
All because of a rumor from a jealous person, is it?
Its like a cake looking beautiful from outside, but crumbling inside bit by bit
And yes, these things are tough to overcome, even after an apology
For that trust in your heart, has broken free
That how such a close friend of yours, can break your trust
By spreading a rumor, which spreads faster and farther than it must
~Gaurang Rao

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Just written for a meme, no offence - to anyone!


  1. Beautifully written, Gaurang. Fortunately, in life you will find most friends will stay true to you.

  2. Ah, the sea of fake. I know it all too well.

  3. I like this, contains some hidden truth

  4. very nice and true ... hope you will get very good friends always :)

  5. sometimes friends make mistakes and sometimes they hurt. Your story portrays the hurt a friend can do to you. My dad used to say. "I respect my enemies because I know who they are...but friends, now that's a different story."

  6. Beautiful! This can be the most heart breaking thing to happen to a person. But I wonder if an apology depending on the situation can really be sufficient.

  7. absolutely true and something I wish we all understood when we were at school so we didn't have so much heartbreak


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