Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poem 240 - The Train Station

To reach Goa, I was waiting for my train
The tracks actually looked insane
It looked like a dump yard filled with garbage and what not
Bottles, papers, cans and even banana peels, left to rot

And what does the station master do with his imperative power
Nothing! His laziness shown in yawns that he doesn't cover
A distant rumble, makes me sure my train has come
The dogs on the tracks, get up slowly and quite glum

Traction of the wheels of the train on the railway track
From a bench, I pickup my suitcase and bagpack
Oh! Trains, for the tracks that you run on, I feel sad
The fact that at-least the trains are fairly clean, makes me glad
~Gaurang Rao


  1. What a mess.

  2. Thank goodness for the latter part ;) especially the last line!! :) A lot of emotions and concern running along with the train and the station activities!! :D

  3. Yep, definitely, an "imperative" topic :D ;)

  4. Yep, definitely an "imperative" topic! :D ;)

  5. Yep, definitely an "imperative" topic! :D ;)


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