Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poem 235 - Father's Day

If I was a kite, then my dad my thread, always giving me support,
If I wanted to become King, I know that he will make me a fort,
If I was the sun, then he would definitely be my guiding light,
Giving me words of wisdom, that I shall treasure all day and night.

If I was a plant, then my dad the soil, which supports me as I grow,
If I was a river, then dad my river bed, on which I would flow,
If I was planet Earth, then dad my blanket of atmosphere,
Always protecting me, without even a bit of fear.

If I was a pen, then dad my ink, without which I won't write,
If I was a bird, then dad my wings, without which I couldn't take flight,
And if I am a good being today, it's all thanks to my awesome, loving dad
Oh! It's such a pleasure to think of the fun times we had.
~Gaurang Rao


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