Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poem 51 - A boys first day of school

Using the comb he brushed his hair back
And once again he checked his back pack
Making sure all the books were in there
He closed the bag's zip with lots of care

Who wouldn't on their first day of school?
After all all of us just wanted to look cool
He made sure his shoelace was alright
And he made his belt a bit more tight

He tried not to get into a fight
And to the teachers he was polite
He became the teacher's favorite
Not only a little but every bit

That is how a school boy should be
Not badly behaving like me
And this boy was my other brother
The younger son of my kind mother
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Your poem is delightful! I am so impressed that you are only in the sixth grade and already writing such thoughtful poetry. Thank you for sharing your words!

  2. I am happy to be here again Gaurang.. a boy at your age writing so well.. keep it up.. Yes, first day in school, a boy must look true..

  3. So cute...
    and behaving badly is not a crime..
    but you have to keep yourself in limits...
    always remember this.. :)

  4. How very thoughtful !

    Please have a wonderful new week.

  5. Very sweet poem...I love your take on the first day of school. Love the rhyme and flow as well.

  6. Lovely poem!! Enjoyed it throughly and I love those naughty little boys because if your not naughty when your young, when will you enjoy being one?? Keep up your nice naughtiness.

  7. Enjoyed your little rhyme Gaurang!!
    I always loved the first day back at school. It was filled with lots of exciting new things to see and hear about :)

  8. vivid and lovely rhymes..
    thanks for the fun.

  9. I am so impressed Gaurang. My little son wants to write as well now seeing your blog.

    All the very best.

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