Friday, December 10, 2010

Poem 47-A Judge's Death

Into his room went the tired old Judge
Preparing for many a case
Outside in the hall he heard something budge
Under blankets he hid his face

It was already Nightfall
When the judge heard a scream
For help he heard somebody call
He wished it was a dream

For Safety he shut the room door
and all the open windows
Trembling he sat on the floor
But later what happened nobody knows

He was found dead
A knife in his throat
Stains were on his bed
and on his black coat

Maybe it was Suicide
or maybe murder
But he surely died
And he left in this year
-Gaurang Rao


  1. That was the end of a tired old Judge
    Who went to bed forever and forever
    who will plead this case for murder
    That's not all as this case is weirder
    Gaurang Rao!! you are the maker

    That was a lovely poem and loved the tribute to your dear sis too :)

    Good Wishes!!

  2. oh! good one, not only very different from all the ones i read but also mysterious. great use of prompts :) and u a 6th grader? OMG! u r some poet in the making kid...all d best. let me follow u :)


  3. murder is usually a good mystery waiting to be unraveled... as is this...

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