Monday, November 22, 2010

Poem 43-Going to a desert

When I was in the middle of the desert
I realized that water was very less
Of this I became very alert
Because if I wasn't I would fall in a mess

When I wanted to quench my thirst
I would tell myself NO NO!
I should keep it for the worst
as water was very low

Riding on the camel was a big pain
Because it was the first time I was riding
For the first time I wished that it would rain
So that I could go along while drinking

At last I saw a oasis
So I finished my last bottle in a hurry
I thought this was a bliss
But later I got such fury

A mirage it had been
I almost fainted
Oh! What had I seen
Now in a few hours I might be dead

But as it grew darker
My village I could see
I went to a shop and drank water
Oh! Thank you God for saving me
-Gaurang Rao

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  1. ...i have never been in a dessert... but have always wanted to be in there.... your words are really wonderful to read.... and my apology for all my misses here... kinda busy on my studies.... thank you for understanding and continued support on mine...God bless!!!:)



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