Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Poem 37- Night Fright

One very dark night
When Earth was lit by the moon
I thought everything was going right
But I said this too soon

I could not sleep a wink
So I switched on the light
At that time I heard a clink!
So I closed the light in Fright

I heard something fall
I thought it was a thief
It came from the hall
but that did not give me any relief

I cautiously opened the room's door
getting scared even more
To the hall I ran and ran
Hoping that on me won't pounce a man

But once there what a shock I got
A thief it was not
It was only my pet cat
chasing a baby rat

After counting sheep
I did fall asleep
In the morning I went to my cat
And gave it a pat

So that very night
Not everything went right
This funny incident
Into the family history it went

It is almost forgotten
by every person
But this night which was moonlit
I still remember it
-Gaurang Rao

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  1. u rot the same ting in de creative riting competition


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