Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Poem 35- Faith in God

In God we must believe
from morning to eve
When you are in danger
absolutely have no fear

God is there everywhere
over here and over there
If you want God in your heart
This is how you must start

All you should do is pray
In your heart God will longer stay
Every problem of yours God will share
He will come to you without turning a hair

Once I had to go to an examination
Very late I had reached the station
But God had stopped the train
by pouring down unexpected rain

Another time I had lost my way
And to God I did pray
When I was crying in pain
God put me on the correct lane


  1. ...truly proves GOD is good all the time... HE is like the sun... you cannot look at it but without it... you cannot see anything else...!!!:)
    ...feel blessed and rejoice for HIM...cheers!!!:)


  2. Dear Gaurang,

    Radhe radhe!
    Lovely and Wonderful poem! Can I take the liberty of suggesting this for publication in

    Radhe radhe

  3. Radhe Radhe
    Yes Ramu Uncle you can suggest this on namadwaar. I would be pleased and happy if you put it. Radhe Radhe

  4. Faith should not even the slightest weaken mans resolve and committment in his duties and work, only then, will 'God' be with Him, is what I used to believe, until i read your poem and concluded ...even otherwise.

  5. Hi Gaurang,

    You write beautifully, esp 'faith in God' - If you want God in your heart
    This is how you must start
    I have a lot more poems of yours to read ..
    May God bless you always...



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