Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poem 38- The lost key

I saw a key in the hot desert sand
To pick it up down went my hand
The key I was about to pick
When on my back I felt a hard kick

When I turned a man was looking at me
He said' That key holds my name can't you see?'
I picked it up and gave it to the man
He took it and then he ran

At once I realized he might be a robber
and not the key's owner
I felt like I was running in a race
because from that minute on was the chase

The man had a head start
'But don't give up' said my mind and heart
The man was too fast for me
And so he ran with the key
-Gaurang Rao


  1. Wonderful......writing such poetry at such a young age!!

  2. I agree.... and on such varied subjects too. The format photos and colour is attractive and interesting too. Superb !.

  3. Very good work...
    and a wonderful poem :)

  4. I cant believe that he is one of my class mates! It is such a pleasure to have him as my friend!!!
    I have to tell you he is like an all rounder. He is so gifted at so young age!!!!!!!!!


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