Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poem 212 - Home Alone!

It was dark night, and I was home alone
And the silence was broken by the ringing of my telephone
I answer the call, but no sound from the other end
And then came a sudden shout, a horrifying moment I did spend

I slammed the phone down, to my room I run
I can tell you, being home alone isn't any fun
I jumped into my bed, pulled the blanket over me
At that time the power went, so nothing I could see

I heard the doorbell, but I didn't want to go out
I didn't want to be a coward, but in my mind there was a doubt
So I took my cricket bat, and I stood gazing at the door
I opened it, and luckily it was my parents, back from the store

They were surprised to see me holding my bat
There were tears of joy in my eyes but easily I could explain all of that
I never found the answer to the prank call, if it was a prank
And if it was a prank, then the caller, I would love to spank
~Gaurang Rao
Sunday wordle words used - moment, gazing, tears


  1. Did you mean to link this one to the wordle? I couldn't find the wordle words. Fun anyway!

  2. Agree - was a fun if "unwordle word" romp...perhaps the hidden words were part of the "prank."

  3. great journey this poem, I felt the fear

  4. I think you used the wordle words as inspiration - what a great piece. I think we have all been in that same spot.

    Continue writing I started about the same age as you!

  5. What an atmospheric piece. You certainly entered into the spirit of this weeks Carry On Tuesday for which I thank you.

  6. Well done little man! I'm glad you're keeping this journal of your work because it's lovely to read. :)

  7. Gaurang - I spend my nights alone - you have now frightened me with your gripping poem - what do I do?

  8. Great poem! You are so lucky to start writing at such a young age!

  9. good job and keep writing gaurang..

  10. so young & So imaginative ..A Great work at this age KEEP IT UP..Continue with ur beautiful WRITING Gaurang dear...GOD<3U

  11. so creative keep it up


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