Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem 210 - A Circus Day

For the circus show, a ticket I bought
Reviews were that it was very good
And so for this ticket I spent a lot
Looking for the tent entrance, there I stood

The show was good, elephants played cricket
From tightrope walkers to lions and clowns
The screams would have brought the tent down, I bet
This was the place of faces without frowns

The show was enjoyed thoroughly
And after the show, I even went back stage
I met the clowns who spoke to me freely
I saw the lions, back in their cage

Sadly good times have to come to an end
At the circus, a great time I did spend
~Gaurang Rao


  1. ...what a day of fun Gaurang... indeed worth spending...though sad to think all things in life must come to end...we can't really hold a thing forever... i think we can only enjoy 'em while we have 'em and yes create memories that last a lifetime... smiles...

  2. Grade 8...seriously? This was lovely, a circus trip is always exciting, your words and poetry brought it too life, even after he had finished. Well done! :-)


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