Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem 209 - Mystery House!

I was travelling by car to my cousins house in the next town
I seemed lost, when rain started pouring down
The lane was deserted, just trees and trees
And travelling on that empty road I wasn't at ease

I was lost, hungry, tired and scared
I kept on driving as much as I dared 
And out of nowhere, a big gate appeared
I gave a sigh of relief, when I realized it was a mansion that I had neared

I went in the gate, and parked under a tree
I ran to the mansion's entrance, a big door I could see
No bell, just a knocker on the door
I knocked and knocked till my hands could knock no more

And magically the mansion seemed to open itself to me
Inside a warm fireplace I could see
I looked for people, but no one was there
And when the door closed by itself I shouted because I got a scare

And the next thing I remember is waking up with a shout
I sat up in my bed, it was a dream no doubt!
~Gaurang Rao


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