Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poem 293 - The Secrets Of The Room

Image from Magpie Tales

'Clean your room' says my mum for the fifth time in a row
With its beautiful messiness my room does sadly glow
I pick up clothes of long ago, stuff it in the cupboard
Of this hard working job I already feel bored
So much junk under the bed! Where'd those shoes come from?
From photos and shoes to an empty bottle of rum
I sweep out everything from under the stinky bed
Tired of cleaning I lie down, panting and  half-dead
Room though much cleaner than before, looked much more worse
I fall asleep, forgetting my mum's warning curse
She walks in finding the room messier than ever
A tornado of words as I wake up with a shiver
This poor old boy, had to clean while skipping dinner
That day - both the junk in my room and I grew thinner
~Gaurang Rao

(NOTE: I'm just 14. Sarcasm used :) )

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