Monday, December 16, 2013

Poem 285 - The Magic Of Childhood

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These few years, I'll hopefully enjoy to the most
After school days, who'll consider me a child?
Will I be considered small enough to be scared of ghosts?
And in a few years, I won't be able to act wild

Childhood has its magic in a beautiful way
Noticed by us almost at the last moment
Wont it be too late, to enjoy childhood to the fullest on the last day?
And when childhood's almost over, you don't know where it went

You won't be able to have a snow-fight
You won't be considered innocent when you go for a midnight snack
All these privileges, just as a child, it seems to give us so much might
And when you've realised you have wasted the magic of childhood, its too late to turn back

Pillow fights, sleepovers and what not for today
This special limited offer pack of  happiness and fun
Seems to be the most valuable yet shortest of joy's stay
And yet, when you notice it - childhood's almost done 

Just almost done :D
~Gaurang Rao

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  1. Seems true of so many periods of life really. But your last line gives us all hope and freedom--it's only almost done!!

  2. Yep...tanks for your comments :)


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