Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Poem 284 - Happy B'day Sis!

Fourteen years have passed in a day i guess
For all this time has been so less
Wasn't it yesterday that we were fighting for the laptop?
And wasn't it mummy who made us stop?
Wasn't it yesterday you saw a lizard and started screaming
Is it really fourteen years? Or am I dreaming?
Time goes fast, but we never have the time to realise
By fighting and wasting time we were so unwise
But agree it, the amount we fought, was the best part of us
Shouting and hitting we created such a fuss
Fourteen years all the time we've been together - so much fun
I don't think we've forgiven each other for all the phan
Akka, I love you and I cant express it
But I'm pretty sure you understand every bit

Dropping nail polish on the floor?
Sending each other notes from under the door?
Me taking my revenge and irritating you?
Those good old days so precious and few

Dancing around mummy - and the longest hug competition
Thinking about it - what a wonderful vision
Happy eighteenth Akka
Though I've been there only for fourteen
I'm pretty sure your life was boring without me
Mine would be too without you - you see?
Happy birthday Akka...and may you have many more
~Gaurang Rao


  1. A really good poem Gaurang ! The poem has a real meaning in it. A happy belated birthday to your sis. She is really lucky to have a bro like you.

  2. Well written Gaurang. The Lizard has become a real hero now - it appears in at least 2-3 poems about your sister :)


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