Sunday, August 18, 2013

Poem 254 - A Letter From A Laptop

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From, The Laptop

18th August 2013,

To, The Unkind Humans,

Dear humans, all day you click and stare away,
Not a moment away from me, you can stay,
But I actually don't get the happiness I need,
Even when I've become your place to play and read.
The way you treat me is not at all fair,
I really need my respect's share,
Why? You spend half the day next to me,
Clicking away, and banging all the buttons harshly.
I might have made life easy for you,
So please think about me too,
My dear keys and buttons, won't survive for long,
If you hit it with your hands so strong.
Please reply to this poor, dying soul,
For, you've made me feel that your heart is black as coal.
~Gaurang Rao

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  1. ha. i take pretty good care of my laptop...having to do without prior i understand it is a tool....and if not respected, tools go away...

  2. Ha-ha! So very true. Tools need to be taken care of!

  3. smiles... yep those keys want to be handled with a certain care... like everyone else as well....smiles

  4. Yep, they do! Thanks for your comment, Claudia!

  5. Ahh that poor laptop... I will think about it and write my poetry with a loving caress the future.

  6. Haha! Thanks for your comment Bjorn!

  7. You are making me guilty about using my laptop.... anyways.. great poem! :)


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