Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poem 298 - The Way I See

Image from Magpie Tales

I am not a scientist, but do I need to be one, to enjoy this night?
While they look through telescopes, at stars I probably can't spot
All I see out there, is a beautiful place, winking its joy - quiet and bright
For scientists see, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

Nor do I need to be an artist, to stay up all night - painting a starry sky
For while they paint - they work - and while they work they don't enjoy
For me just looking, at such a surreal thing, makes time seem to fly
For artists see, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

I might not notice the flower beds I stand upon
But it's not for them I've come here
For this beautiful sight, unlike flowers - is dead upon dawn
For maybe even flowers see, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

I'd rather enjoy this one whole night, having the sky all to me
Such beautiful moments come rare - so look at it when you have eyes
I'd rather never be an artist or scientist and work my night lacking glee
For everyone sees, the same I see, but not in the fashion I do

For what they see, is just another night of gloomy toil
But for me it is a peaceful night, to think and watch
The twinkling stars, and gleaming moon - this night nobody can spoil
Perhaps it's only those out there who see what I see
~Gaurang Rao

Written as a part of  - http://magpietales.blogspot.ae/


  1. I think the work of a scientist or an artist is not drudgery, they enjoy what they do just like us...perspective changes with individual but joy remains the same...very nice thoughts to ponder over...great write Gaurang :)

  2. Your powerful words ring true, in so many vibes. It is what we see that matters. Our reflections are everything.

  3. The way I see
    you think poets & scientists are crazy
    you would rather be
    idling away and be lazy

  4. Haha :) Thanks dad *awkward smile*

  5. Great that we all have our own sights & interpretations.
    That makes the world so rich!
    Nicely expressed :)

  6. Excellent stuff, Gaurang...

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