Sunday, July 1, 2012

Poem 195 - The beach

I am on the beach flying my kite
Me and my sister having a kite fight
Behind us dad give's a shock to my sister and me
BOO! He makes us drop the kite spool in the sea
Our unlucky dad pulls money out of his wallet making it light

And there it was two new kites
~Gaurang Rao


  1. That's so sweet! :) Childhood n kites go really well!
    Run the length of kite!

  2. Hi Gaurang.. are you back now or am I missing you..well done.. happy to see the flight of kites and then you getting two of them..

  3. Dueling kites at the beach with your playful and generous Dad sounds like fun!

  4. Ha ha ha ... this is the first time I am reading your posts, and after reading it, I would say, I will read again and again :-)


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