Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poem 189 - In a supermarket

I saw an old man picking many cans of cokes
I watched amused, as he dropped them into his trolley
I took my things and went near the counter
I had some change left, I picked up a lolly

I go to the counter and I'm right behind the "coke man"
I see the cashier's reaction, as the man puts many cans of coke on the counter
The man asks for the bill, as the cashier counts the cans, with a smile
Seeing the bill, the man did saunter

He pulled out a tattered wallet, and took out some cash
He gave it to the cashier, and took the plastic bag
I wondered how it fit in one plastic bag
At the car seeing the bill, his wife did nag
-Gaurang Rao


  1. The soup people should sue...

  2. Hi Gaurang,

    Great poem and story about coke and it was as if I could see you during this moment in your life. I would have loved to have seen the cashier's reaction to someone just buying so much cola. Although I am sure that cashier's see so many strange things every day.

    Thank you so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. I like your reaction to the different prompts and how you fit them together. See you next week.

    God bless.

  3. Well done. I felt like I was in the store, seeing this scene unfold.

  4. seeing bill,,his wife nag,, haha , nice poem

  5. Beautifully crafted lines!

    All the best

  6. Nice one Gaurang! I like not only your style of writing but also the pictures and photographs that you take time to match your ideas and thoughts.
    Great work!


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