Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poem 31-The lost kid

Around the streets wandered the boy
Carrying his only thing, a small toy
Crying and not knowing what to do
I am sure the little boy wished this was not true

After some time he came and asked me
'My father did you see'?
I held his hands and said No
and the boy started crying in woe

At that time he pushed my hands and ran
and ran and ran to a man
The man his father took him to a car
and both of them went very very far
-Gaurang Rao


  1. ...that was sad but you did give justice at latter part of the poem.. cheers...!!!;)

    BTW, i didn't make the painting... it was actually owned by someone i didn't know... i grabbed it from the net while browsing... most of the images i used in my poems were all from the net... and yeah, i do know to draw and paint... but don't used 'em here... i have other plans for 'em in the future... haha... thanks for droppin' by..!!!:)



  2. very touched by your poem, Gaurang. You used the correct descriptors to evoke the sad mood. The ending could have used slightly more cheerful words to show that the boy became happy. Well done!


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