Monday, September 13, 2010

Poem 27-School again

The excellent holidays end here
And school days have come near
I hate waiting in the morning traffic
For the school which I reach very quick

Have to study every minute
To become a doctor or a pilot
I wish Biology and physics
were easy as breaking sticks

Then I shan't mind the thing called school
Where you are not allowed to break even one rule
-Gaurang Rao


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  2. Hello Gaurang,'s been a long time my friend... sorry, i wasn't able to get here that much the past weeks... i had been very busy accomplishing a project... thank God, it's over...^^ friend, you really have the gift in writing... you're young yet your thought are amazing... keep up all the excellent works... you have a long way to go...^^ a blessed Sunday!!!;D


    1. very true. i also want to b a writer and a poet.


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