Saturday, July 4, 2015

Poem 299 - Little Steps

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She took her first step ever, with a bright little giggle
On her tiny little toes, she gave him a small wiggle
As she stumbled, he caught her firmly mid air
Smiling at his daughter, he patted her with care

For with a single step, her journey had begun
She escaped from his hands, ready to run
But was picked up as soon as she tried
As he slowly tickled her, she squealed in delight

She pinched his hand, and he gave her a deep frown
She only giggled more, and his heart melted down
He held her tight, and they stuck like glue
He loved his jewel, and she loved him too

~Gaurang Rao

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  1. That's absolutely delightful, Gaurang :) The love of a father for his daughter and vice-versa, so beautifully and rhythmically penned. Good to see you writing.

  2. Oh. My poem is here: The First Song. I shifted URLs last year. :)


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